Duval Lease Bonus Rates

Anyone have any ideas what recent lease bonus per acre has been paid in Duval County?

Which part of the county? There’s not a whole lot of action, so you might be topping off around $200/acre right now, if anything. Do you know of anyone actively leasing?

Northern half generally speaking. Don’t know of anyone currently leasing.

Gotcha. North half is the better half to be in, so that’s in your favor. Depending on where, Duval county is also in the South Texas Uranium Belt and has some geothermal hot spots, so those are also minerals that could be of value to keep in mind.

For oil & gas, I’ve only seen isolated projects related to the deeper gas prone zones of previously discovered fields be of interest, meaning you’d probably already be leased or have an old field on your acreage to have potential new production in the near future. But Eagle Ford and related unconventional shale trends are expanding every day, so who knows!

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