Dunn County, ND

I am joining several other folks who have inquired about any uptick in activity and offers here. Specifically 4 acres in Section 35, township 145 North, Range 95 West. Currently drawing modest royalty, paid by XTO Energy. Evaluating if good to sell now. RomaWaySeno were you able to get answers to your questions which are similar to mine. Thanks in advance.

There is nothing going on right on top of you that is obvious from permits or recent drilling. The old XTO wells on the Denbury acreage south of Killdeer (i.e. the ones near you) are not great. But, those are older wells. There are no permits that have been filed near you. See map below of wells spud in the last year. Most are up north in the core of the play. But some decent signs in your area…

Marathon (MRO) has been making great wells further north and NE in Dunn County where the Middle Bakken is thicker and they have some very good new wells about 5 miles north of you. Lime Rock and others are drilling south of you. I haven’t looked at ND in any detail since 2016 or so, I know everyone has been doing bigger fracs, maybe your area is looking more prospective due to that. If the Marathon wells in 144 96 turn that are on confidential status (Reagan wells) turn out to be good, then maybe somebody starts thinking it should be better from 146N down to 144N.

I would not expect XTO to drill much down there unless things change drastically. They have a lot of drilling to do in their ND BLM acreage around Lake Sakakawea, in Little Missouri area, and on FBIR. And 95 cents out of every dollar is going to drill the Permian.

Good luck.

A site worth visiting is the ND site DMR.nd.gov/oilgas. You can get a daily activity report and also dial in on the section you’re interested in. Click on the GIS Server and then enter the “Find Section” and enter the township, range and section.