Duncan county, ok

I have a lease that has expired in Duncan County and am trying to find out what lease prices are June 2023.

MTM2 I’m not sure there is a Duncan County Oklahoma or Duncan County Wyoming…Duncan Oklahoma is in Stephens County Oklahoma…check your thing-a-ma-jig again…hmmmm

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There is not. I was incorrect. It is for Custer County and Grady County. My apologies.

Good luck with your search. Clint

You would need to give more exact locations regarding general lease prices. Each county is large and offers are site specific.

Thank you for responding. The lease/minerals in Custer County are: Sec. 5 & 6-14N-20W. Any help with a guesstimate on the price per acre is being leased for would be greatly appreciated.

Looks like Rock Creek, Crawley Petroleum and Mewbourne are active in the area.

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