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I need some information on oil royalty taxes. My mother dies a few years ago, my brother was handling her estate. We did not know there were going to be producing wells. We knew there was a lease on the mineral rights. Long story short, he took all the money and we did not even find out about the money till he was in the hospital. I went to an attorney and became the Estate personal representative and am trying to unravel all the crazy stuff. Are there any taxes that have to be paid to Duchesne ...we only have mineral rights...we do not own the land anymore? Lucky for me , Newfield Oil deducted taxes and I will not have to pay federal. Thanks in advance.

Is anyone else here who had Berry Petro before they were bought by LINN having issues with Linn as far as them holding back oil, not paying the posted prices and support not being there?

Might anyone have a quality referral to an oil and gas attorney who practices in Utah?