DT is absolutely correct!

If you own rights in Doddridge county, check and double check your name in the records. Check the records of the folks who gave you the MR. Check the records of the folks they were married to...check periodically. He is right, it could be gone if you aren't watching. Trust me, I have paid $3500 over the past nearly 3 years to get back what rightfully belongs to me!

DT you turned off the comments, but I couldn't stand it!! =)

Thanks for that Stephanie P. Great point, keep checking your name and see what shows up in the county records (and be glad that you don't have interests in a county where the records are not online.)

Stephanie, Hi. I am wondering about this myself. I was told I have 100's of heirs and that is why my ownership is tiny. Could it be that in-laws have been incorrectly considered as relatives if there was no will from the descendants? Would you mind elaborating a little more on your situation as to why/how you found out more about your circumstances? That would be so very helpful!