Dropped drilling attempt after leasing?

I have not been able to find any info on a proposed well in Oklahoma. The info I have is on a request to lease from mid-2007. I looked through the OCC site, but I might need lessons looking it up as I don’t see anything matching the name. Company Chesapeake Energy Well Kinder 5-24 Stephens County Section 24-02S-08W Marked NE/4 NE/4 in the notice of offer, but the lease is for property marked SW/4 SE/4

This was supposed to have been to a depth of 8200’ in the Reagan common source of supply. Is it possible nothing was ever filed with the OCC and they dropped the effort?

Rick, In June 2005 Chesapeake was granted an Increased Density Order to add a well to that section into the Deese formation. Looks like thats as far as it went, nothing to indicate any more activity.

Thanks Michael. Is that something I should have been able to find on the OCC site and just missed it?

I confirmed with Chesapeake Energy this afternoon the this lease is expired.

Good I was about to go into a long drawn out explanation of the OCC website. If you still own the minerals I would keep an eye on the area, Stephens County is starting to heat up.