Drilling within city limits

[ SEC 34 B-42 T2S 42.12ACS] Is this in the city of Odessa or the County at large? I have mineral rights here and an attorney in CA told me it is unlikely to EVER be drilled…also that it’s located in the city of Odessa.

It does appear to be in the City of Odessa, but this would not prevent the minerals from being produced by horizontal drilling. There are producing wells in the section south of yours. Google “rrc public gis viewer” and zoom in on Odessa and then look at all the wellbores under Midland. I would be very wary about acting on a geological prognostication from an attorney in California. Please know that non-producing minerals in Texas are not subject to ad valorem taxes. This link will open the RRC map viewer on a producing well in Sec 38 which shares a section line with Sec 34. Use the magnification bar to zoom out and/or use your mouse to drag the screen down so that Sec 34 can be viewed.

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Thank you for the information.

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You’re welcome. I see there are three Mineral Valuation companies listed under the Directories>Mineral Services tab at the top of this forum’s page. Perhaps contact one or more of them?

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