Drilling time frame question

My husband an his siblings were approached by an attorney in April 2019 concerning their inheriated mineral rights,they all signed a lease for drilling to began in Burleson County Texas an no one has heard anything from Wild HORSE drilling company. Its been 8 month the attorney that they signed with saying she doesnt have anything to do with anything that happens after legal documents are signed.Was wondering if any one knows if drilling has begun at A-237 ON the 84.0 acres. Thanks , lena

There are producing wells in that section. Wildhorse sold out to Chesapeake so you would need to speak with them

No permits have been filed to drill in that abstract since 2017. Those 2 permits for those 2 proposed wells (the Pdsticl and Malazzo ) expire this month and next month

Forgot to add that WildHorse sold my lease to Chesapeake and that is the company that owns the well.

I signed a lease back in Oct 2014. It was extended in 2017 (just a check in the mail–NO information attached) and there was nothing happening until Nov 2018 when one well was begun. Then that well was completed April 2019 and I got first 3 month check in July 2019. Just re-leased balance of the original lease (not utilized) in Oct 2019 and should get payment for that sometime this month (Nov). Check for the well that is producing now is being set up and first regular monthly checks start the end on Nov 2019 Actually got a letter about that. I did get one small check in Aug from the well. I got no info over the years on my lease. Leasing agents just lease and then oil company decides if and when they use lease or not use lease. Hope this helps.