Drilling S11 1N 4W

I Two questions - Stephens County

  1. Is there drilling activity on Section 11, 1N, 4W? if so who is the operator?
  2. I signed a lease with MK&P/Michael Raven and all phone numbers have been disconnected. Does anyone know how to contact them or what happened to the company. I would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you Linda Newman

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You can look up wells at the OCC well records link.https://imaging.occ.ok.gov/imaging/OGWellRecords.aspx

Many leases are taken by land companies for operators. Given that Continental has a bunch of the recent leases, I would suspect that they will be the operator, if there is time. Many of the leases were taken in 2018, so would expire in 2021. A few were in 2020, so they have more time. There are no pending OCC cases which would be a clue that drilling was planned. Time will tell.

LNewman, I worked with Michael Raven back in 2017 on a lease for Sec.17, T01S,R04W, which has since produced the Skeet 17,20 well. At that time Michael was working thru Warwick- JupiterLLC out of Oklahoma City. I found him to be fair in his negotiations and always responsive and easy to get in touch with. When we agreed on the lease I traveled and met with him in OKC and exchanged the original lease for the bonus check. I did send him a copy of the lease earlier for his review and okay but stamped it repeatedly “Copy Only, Do Not File”. The Skeet well came in towards the end of the lease and Michael periodically kept me informed as to what was going on until the well came in. He seemed to be an honest landman. R.Blair

M Barnes, Just a general note and question, are production taxes a legitimate deduction from your royalties? I do use some pretty complete no deduction clauses on my leases but have never specifically mentioned production taxes. Over time, of course, this deduction adds up to a sizable sum. I have followed and appreciated your thoughts and advice over the years and have always said “You’re The Best!”

Thank You, R. Blair

Production severance taxes are legitimate in most cases as are OK state taxes. I have heard of a very FEW leases that have a clause exempting them but quite rare. The deduction clauses in the leases are usually for post production charges such as marketing, compressing, transporting, etc.

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