Drilling Results Are In 12-17n-10w

A completion report was filed on 12/18/2015 wit the OCC. The initial results of the Gore 1h-1x well are 1,119 bpd oil and 1,050 mcf gas. The well is pumping, not flowing. Can any of the more experienced people comment as to wether or not this is a good result? As I understood it, 1,119 bpd is in the mid-range for wells in this area. Any comments are appreciated. For the first time in my life, I wish the oil price would go up.

That is a good well. Pumping means that the natural pressure was not as high as the nearby flowing wells, but even those would go on a pump eventually, so not necessarily a bad thing. Keep in mind that the "results" are only a 24 hour test. The first few months of production are a more accurate indicator of the real potential.

I don’t know where you got your info that 1200 bbls a day is a mid range well! It’s good one although a few more in the stack are exceptional which would be in the 2000bbls a day range.

I was told these wells were running between 500 to 1500 bpd so 1119 is in the middle of that range. I'm glad to know I'm wrong about that and glad to know this is a good well.