Drilling Results 12-17N-10W

A well was spud on 7/20 in the SE qtr of 12-17N-10W. So far, no completion report has been posted to occ web. Does anyone know any information regarding this well and preliminary results? Thanks!

The well name is the Gore 1H-1X.

Hello........I have mineral rights in nearby 12-17n-10 and would be interested to know what you find out. I will try to find out on my own, too, but I am new to all this and woefully uneducated about oil/gas......so far!


Today is 120 days since the well was spud with no completion report filed with OCC. Can anyone on here tell me if this is normal? My dad drove out to the site this past weekend and said there was nothing on the pad other than a lot of tanker trucks. No tank battery, just lots of tanker trucks. Not sure what that means. Any help is appreciated.