Drilling Reeves County, Texas

Any one know of any drilling in Block C6 Sections 13,14,20,21,22, 23,28, 29 Public School lands, Abstract No. 3894890, Level 1 Survey Name PSL, Abstract Label A-4890

Reeves County, Texas?

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The map you have shared does not appear to square with the Texas RRC Map Viewer. Note that Blk C6 Sec 13 appears to have four permitted (and one producing) horizontal wells: http://wwwgisp.rrc.state.tx.us/arcgis/rest/directories/arcgisoutput...

The RRC map also shows C6 Sec 14 above Sec 13, not to the west of it as on your map.

Here is one of the permitted wells I mentioned in the other entry: http://webapps.rrc.state.tx.us/DP/drillDownQueryAction.do?fromPublicQuery=Y&name=CALAMITY%2BJANE&univDocNo=490511723

If someone has presented you with what may seem like a ridiculously high offer per acre for minerals you own, I believe it would behoove you to read every word and linked page in this forum thread: http://www.mineralrightsforum.com/forum/topics/offer-of-16k-per-acre

Thank you.