Drilling potential in Richland County, Montana

Can anyone shed some light on why there is no drilling activity in the Basin areas of

Richland County Montana? We have a lease with Petro-Hunt but it expires in October 2011.

But they are not drilling!!!!!!!

There is no drilling activity in this area, despite the fact that the abundance of oil in this

area is virtually endless!!

The news media won't talk about it. They do not have a problem drilling in the Gulf of Mexico,

at deep water depths, and they widely publicize that fact! (thus the notorious spill!!!)

But, they refuse to talk about the Bakken Basin of which the oil there would free us forever

from the dependence of foreign Oil!

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of why this might be taking place?


I leased land in Hill County Texas 2 1/2 years ago…they drilled a few wells around and stopped, none on me. They built pipe lines and everything and suddenly stopped. Don’t know what happened. They had to know the gas/oil was there because they put pipelines in first. Maybe they will be back.

I thought that drilling activity in Richland County was somewhat active as I have seen numerous spacing/permits being sought earlier in the year. I believe that operators are spot testing the areas in Richland and Roosevelt Counties in regards to the Bakken/Three Fork plays. I noticed that XTO recently drilled a pilot hole to 10,652’ to the Duperow Formation and plugged back to 9848’ for a horizontal Bakken. My guess is that this procedure was to collect a core sample. This well is being drilled in the central part of 4 Sections spaced by XTO.