Drilling permits

where do you find records for drilling permits?

Individual permits can be found on efacts. Just search on “dep efacts” to find the page. There are different types of efacts searches once you find it - authorization search works best.

A group of permits in table form can be found at http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/oil_and_gas_reports/20297 The spud report is useful too.

I have 200+ acres in Donegal Twp. There are 3 wells around and one is producing. They have not drilled under my land but I would like to find a diagram or plot of where the well bores are located. Is there any place on the internet that this information is available?

Pennsylvania's DEP has quite a lot of info online, and is improving the organization and availability.

If you search "pa dep well map", you'll find a newer mapping tool. http://www.depgis.state.pa.us/PaOilAndGasMapping/ If you use the various zooming and moving tools to focus on your area and find the wells in question, then the info tool, one of the links that pop up will be the permit application, another will be any production reports. The permit applications are only available here for some of the wells -- maybe permit approved in 2014?

The find the plats for the other wells, search "pa dcnr wells by me", one of the links is http://www.dcnr.state.pa.us/topogeo/econresource/oilandgas/ogfind/index.htm Follow the directions, email a request, and you will get the plats very quickly - maybe within hours. I don't know of any more responsive government agency. Ms. Schmid and her predecessor, K. Carter, are exceedingly quick while still polite.