Drilling permits notification not found

I appreciate Clint Lyles and his notices so I can keep up with drilling permits in Gains County. However, lately when I click on the drilling permit link he sends, the page comes up with: "our apologies - this page was not found". Is there anything I can do to see these permits like I used to? Thanks for all your hard work on keeping us novices informed!

Goggle Texas Railroad Comm. Click on the online inquires and then click on drilling permits. Click on Gains County in the box of Counties then go to bottom of page and put in the dates you want to look at range wise. Hope this will help.

Good Morning Mike. Sorry about the problem....other Forum Members are emailing and messaging me they are having the same problem...so you're not alone. This problem seem to have started right after the Forum website was down for maintenance a few days ago. Clint

This link is to all approved permits for Gaines County from September 01, 2017 through October 18, 2017/3 pages/25 approved permits:


Clint Liles