Drilling Permits and Well ID information

I'm looking at Neubus documents regarding a plugged well drilled many years ago in which our property was pooled.

It was drilled, completed and plugged by Conoco in 1981, and a recompletion permit was issued to H&O Operating Company in 1997.

Obviously, because our property was once pooled in this well, I'm curious about the status of plugged wells such as this. I'd appreciate it if someone who who is familiar with these old documents could give me their interpretation. I'd like to know what the well was producing before it was plugged, if it was shut-in well, if there's a way to determine why the recompletion doesn't seem to have been finished and whether the site of a previously producing well has a higher likelihood of being a new drilling site.

This is the link to what I was looking at:


If that doesn't take you there, the well is API#389-31170 #1 and the survey information is: Reeves Cty, SEC. 38, BLK. 2, H&GN SURVEY.

Thanks for any input you may have.

Some additional information: It looks like the second permit did end up with a recompletion, but only to about half the depth of the original well. It produced a small amount of oil and the well was re-plugged (I believe in 2000). So, not a dry hole, but not worth putting into production at the time. Hopefully someone will decide to drill a horizontal well near the site one of these days and find the elephant. It's got to be down there someplace!