Drilling Permit


There is surface activity in preparation for vertical drilling on the North East corner of Section 22- 9N-8W in Grady County. Surface water rights have been purchased and there is negotiation for a pipe line to be built to the location.
Cause 201702911-T and 201702912-T for Spacing and Pooling for Section 15-N9-8W were heard and recommended by the OCC on 2/16/18.
Cause 201706673-T for location exception for 10&15-9N-8W was heard and recommended on 2/16/18. Cause 201706674-T and 201706775-T Multiunit Horizontal Well (Mississippian and Woodford) was heard and recommended on 2/16/18 .
Final Survey Review was heard and recommended on 4/3/18.
I have continually browsed all web sites that show approved drill permits Not been able to find a permit for Travis Peak Resources/TPR Mid-Continent to proceed. Any help out there?

Kylan Lewis, Mineral Owner


I do not see a permit yet. Sometimes, they “accidentally” are posted after the well starts drilling. The well with 10&15 has been approved. Figures from the hearings show the location will be in 10.


I don’t know much about the area except it seems to have a lot of activity. I’m talking about west of Blanchard in I believe Grady county. Went down that highway yesterday and I believe the highway was 39 maybe. Anyway about 3 or 4 miles west of the west edge of Blanchard there were two new completed wells it looked like. One had a big flare of gas from that one and several tanks set on another location and looked all work was just finished. In between there was a drilling rig on another location and it had quite a bit of pipe in the derrick.