Drilling permit in Section 17 & 20 T11 R5W

I saw that Roan has a drilling permit for these 2 sections. It is on the East side of the section. We have minerals on the west side of the section 17. They are planning 2 wells which will be 50% of the royalties per section. I have never received any court info on this. We have it leased currently and would think we would hear something about it… Doesn’t it (Royalties)usually include the whole section when drilling a horizontal well.? Not just the East side. There names of the wells are “John Henry”

I see your name on the respondents list for the spacing which is 640 acres. They will have approximately 50% of the perforations for each well in each section. You should be getting the mailings if your address is correct.

Thank you. Martha, I have passed it on to my family.