Drilling pad Sec 11, 7N 7W Grady County


Contacted by message on my voice mail wanting to discuss driling pad on my property in Sec11, 7N, 7W. neighbor has been talking with someone regarding drilling pad in the SE/4 of this section but the offers are ridiculous. I own both surface and 1/2 of the mineral rights in NE/4. My family has been able to keep this property free of pipelines and other surface intrusions for the last 60 years. How can I prevent the drilling on this property. I intend to build my last home on this place and do not want to deal with the traffic and problems of a well. I am not one of those flaming environmentalists, just don’t want the place screwed up. What can I do?
Note rebellion was goint to drill in Sec 2 & 11 with a well in the NW/4 of Sec 2. after receiving over 250 pieces of mail they decided not to drill. Now what??


The mineral rights have dominance over the surface rights which means you can’t prevent it if you are just a surface owner with no mineral rights. Having control over half the mineral rights may help you keep it away from your house or it might not. At least you can try to have that conversation. Most leases have a 200 feet buffer between the drill site and the house.
As to the well, there is a permit and it was supposed to drill from the far NW corner of 2 south into 11. Looks like Continental has competing cases at the OCC to drill. Time will tell. If they drill from 2, that would solve your problems.


M Barnes: Thank you so much for responding… I contacted the driling firm CAmino Nat resources, and found that they are going to drill from the SE corner of the NE/4 of Sec 11 to the North. They are about 350 ft from the centerline fo the section due to a house in that sE 5 acres. I was told by a neighbor who is fighting with continental over the surface damages for a well in the SEsorner of the SE/4 of Sec11 that all those wells are drilled to the North due to the dip in the formation. There must be a fault between the East and the West side of the sections there. I have ownership of 55 acres in Sec 11 and 60 in sec 2. It has been 45 years since my geology courses and I am a little rusty but is it coming back…The well location in Sec 11 is not going to be the problem I had worried about.


Any updates on the Tarzan well (Marathon) in 11 5N 6w


I see a permit for Tarzan 0506 1-11-14WXH from Sept 2017. It expired March 21, 2018. I do not see a spud notice filed. I do see a salt water disposal well in 2018.