Drilling on the section of mineral righted land I own rights to?

I own mineral rights on approximately 158 acres in Williams County, ND. Township 154 North, Range 100 West, 5th P.M. (not sure what the 5th P.M. means), lots 1,2,3,4, of section 6. I am trying to find out if there are any active wells nearby or if they are already drilling. The land has been leased for five years and is up at the end of 2013. We haven't received any payments and have not been notified that there are any wells on our mineral righted land. When I look at the GIS map, I'm not sure what I am seeing. I think I see some abandoned wells, several active wells and a confidential well in the section, but am not sure. Any help would be apprieciated. The lease is with Doyle Land Services, Park Energy, LLC. Thanks!

Karla, you can leave out the 5th Prime Meridian. I think that is what is confusing you. There is a well in section 5 next to your section 6, a darned good well, as I mentioned in another thread. I have also mentioned that lots do not show up on the GIS map, they are simply part of the section that does show up. Those wells you see when you look at the map are in other SECTIONS not in your lots.

I'm curious, how do you determine if there is activity on your section?

Walter, for Oklahoma I would ask on the appropriate Oklahoma county group.

For North Dakota where Karla is,

You can look at the GIS server map on the NDIC O&G Division website to see permits/confidential wells, orange dot, rig symbols which are self explanatory, green circles which mean drilling and usually means the well has been drilled and awaits fracking or other work, black dots which are active verticle wells, black dots with lines which are active horizontal wells and crosshatched black dots which denote plugged and abandoned wells.

Walter Teague said:

I'm curious, how do you determine if there is activity on your section?