Drilling on my minerals

Section 23 14 13 and 24 14 13 drilling active

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Do you mean 23 and 24-14N-13W? I do not see any permits for those sections. There are permits in sections 15,22,27 and there is a rig onsite in sec 36. There are old active wells in 23 and 24. Did you have a particular question that would be useful for the community?

It would be a horizontal well. Starting in sec 14 and going to sec 23. Drilled by continental 14 N 13W

Bethel- it will help if you can clarify what your question is!

I am wanting to know if continental is planning on drilling a horizontal well on sec 14 14 N 13W and section 23 14N 13W I own some minerals in those two sections. This is in Blaine county.

Yes, in theory. Continental is planning two horizontal wells called the MW 2-14-23XHM well in 14&23 14N-13W and the MW 3-14-23XHM. You should have gotten the paperwork for the cases is you still live on Wildwood…

As of today, I do not see permits for the new wells yet. CLR does have permits in the sections immediately to the west.

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Thank you. I will be watching to see what happens.