Drilling info about decline rate of producing well

Any one know of drilling in 33&32 1n1w Thank you! Also know decline rate is high after 6 months of a producing well. When does the decline taper off

There is horizontal drilling in the township. but not yet in 32 or 33. The closest is in 28. You might not get any in 32 & 33 if they are on the Arbuckle uplift and no Woodford is present. Not sure exactly where that line is. Sec 34 had Woodford, so hopefully you have some in your sections. The decline will depend upon what kind of well it is. Vertical would be different than horizontal, oil different than gas. This is very natural as the pressure declines as the reservoir produces. For horizontals, a very general answer would be a fairly rapid decline for the first two-four years or so and then a tapering off at about four years. Any area could be quite different depending upon the reservoir.

I could not tell you without knowing the well, the reservoir, the performance of the wells around it, etc. Remember that the first check is for about six months of production and every check after that is going to be less. Don’t confuse revenue with production. Also, the revenue will be dependent upon the monthly prices of oil and gas. You will have declining production but the royalties received could vary due to the price change. Much less revenue if prices go down, or maybe a bit more if prices go up. To give an example from a well fairly close to you, the Havens 1-23-26XH was producing about 6000 bbls oil and 15,000 mcf per month in Q3 of 2015. By Q3 2018, it was producing about 3300 bbls oil and 12,500 mcf per month on a predictable steady decline. Prices varied widely in those three years.

There may be something in the works in 34 or 33, I own minerals in both and I have gotten 3 different calls in the last 2 weeks.

Thank you Laura.We have lease extensions coming up in Nov in 32 & 33 so if they drill in 33 before November we would still get lease extension in 32 wouldn’t we?

I have read several of your past posts & they were very helpful. Especially the one on diminished production. We have rcvd several offers to sell our mineral rights & your post helped us to not make a wrong decision Thankful your expertise is available!

Hopefully you leased section 32 on a different lease than 33 so that they remain independent of each other. If they are on the same lease, then if one of them has a spud before the end of the primary lease, then it will hold the other. If they are on separate leases, then they will each be governed by their own lease.

As if right now, there are no pending cases at the OCC for either section 32 or 33-1N-1W

Thank you for your reply! Yes they are 2 separate leases