Drilling in Washington County Texas

I had a call about them drilling in Washington county in Texas. Anybody else?

Hi Margaret -

Attached is a map and table of Permits to Drill that were approved within the past 2 years in Washington County.

As to whether any of them have been drilled yet, I'd have to look them all up. Is there a particular part of the County you are interested in?

Charles Emery Tooke III

Certified Professional Landman

Fort Worth, Texas


No sir but thanks. I was just curious, even with as many leases as we signed several years ago. Those leases were mostly in Oklahoma. I don't think any of them really drilled. I'm excited!


You might want to give Julie Hollis, of Hollis Energy, a call. She is the owner of this landman company In downtown Brenham and is a personal friend. She may be able to give you an update.

Good luck,