Drilling in S20 06n 05w

I wont to thank for any info. that I can get on the drilling on 20 06 05. I was down there a couple of weeks ago and they had been drilling for a while. Didnt know how long it takes to finish a well. there were 2 other pads on section 20. Also there were 2 rigs set up on section 29 and going into section 20 any info will be appreciated. so thanks again

In general, it takes about three-four months to drill and complete a one section wells. It takes about four-five months to drill and complete a two section well, more if they are batch drilling several wells. It takes about six months after first sales to get a check-by law. If they don’t pay you and you have clean title, then they owe you interest.

Continental has three wells drilling in 20 going north into 17 and one in 29 going north into 17. You already have the R.K. Morris 1-29-17XH in production. The new ones are RK Morris 2-29-20-16XWH (spud), RK Morris 4-29-20-17XWH, and 5-29-20-17XWH, 6-29-20-17XWH (spud-sl 29). Two wells are going south into 32 from 29 (Early 5-29-32XWH and 7-29-32XWH). The Early 4-29-32XWH is going from 20 south into 32.