Drilling in Pecos County

Drilling by Township

Welcome to forum. Did you have a particular question? I moved your post over to Pecos County. You would have to give a location and a question to perhaps get an answer.

fwiw, here are wells drilled in the past 6 months (green). and current rig locations. pretty much all Diamondback and Exxon.

NMoilboy where do you access these maps? And thanks for posting as we have a few acres around the more active areas on this map.

Source of Map? Our land is a little farther E - SE

Hey Joe, that map is from DrillingInfo/Enverus, a subscription service.

Is it correct to conclude from the map, that three wells were drilled in Section 1, Block 48, Township 8 in Pecos County, Tx? What is the significance of the green dot versus the green asterisk? Where can well production information be found? Thanks for your post!

Honestly Im not sure what the difference is between the asterisk and the dot.

There were two wells drilled in the Unit that makes up Sec 1 and 12 of 48 8. There is an additional well permitted there that I don’t believe has spud. You can find production info on wells at the RRC website. These wells are the PRI operated Wahoo State wells.

Im in a crunch now but can look all this up later

Thanks for the info.

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