Drilling in Loving County Near Midland?

How can I find out if there are any active wells in Loving County? Just has someone contact me in regards to some inherited mineral rights that I did not know I had and I want to find out what I am dealing with.Property is in sec 18, block 24, Township Two TPRY CO

Try using the RRC’s gis map viewer. Click on this link, click on the light blue magnifying glass at the top of the screen. Choose “Surveys” and enter the information and generate an interactive map which shows producing and permitted wells. A you certain you shared the correct description?

I think I found it using the viewer. Looks like there is not a well near but there is a permit for one labled 2D 34523. Is there a way to to find out who has the permit?

At the top of the map there is an icon which consists of a circumscribed “i”. Click on it and a drop down menu will be generated. Click on “wells” in the drop down menu. Nothing apparent will happen, but this step has empowered your cursor to reveal more information. Go back to the permitted well on the map and click on the small circle at the end of the horizontal permitted well on the map. [A vertical well is just an empty circle.] This will generate a pop up screen with the hyperlink “Drilling Permits”. Click on Drilling Permits and it should open the permit for the well.