Drilling in Grady County

Does anyone know if there has been any success in Grady County around section 7? I am rather new to this and I live out of state. So I am not sure what if anything is happening.


You will need to give more of a description. There are several section 7s. The legal description we would need would look like 7-6W-6N


It is S7-T9N-R7W



There was a new well in 13-9N-8W that is adjacent to yours that was drilled and came into production about a year ago. Marathon also was getting approval just south of yours in 18-9N-7W. Although the orders were issued, I don’t see that a permit was requested. The well didn’t produce much oil so they may have decided to focus efforts elsewhere.


Thanks! That is the most news I have heard. Is there a web site where you find this information? Thanks again for your assistance and taking the time to respond.



The info is all on the OCC website, although it is a bit difficult to locate.

Here is a Grady Co discussion group where you will see quite a bit of info.


Here is a thread where I pointed out the search on the wells etc.


Thank you again for your help.