Drilling in Culberson Co. TX

I own in sections 28,29,33,41 and 44 of Blk. 45 in Culberson Co. This mineral interest is partly in Reeves Co. Conoco leased it and plans to drill next yr. Does anyone know the availability of oil and gas pipelines in this area ?

Thank you, Foster


After checking the GIS Map I find 4 different pipeline 'Gathering Companies' in the area::

Regency Field Services/natural gas pipeline

Enerquest Operating LLC/Screwbean gas gathering system

RGU West LLC/natural gas gathering system

Remuda Operating Co./natural gas gathering system

Since I don't see any oil wells in the area I detect no oil pipelines.

GIS Map of Culberson County Block 45/Sections 28, 29, 33, 41, and 44 and pipelines:

Clint Liles


Thank you for this valuable information regarding oil/gas pipelines. Correction my lease is for section 40 not section 44. FYI ... Conoco will begin drilling 4 horizontal wells starting in early 2015. [ 3] 7500' lateral and [1] 5000' lateral.

Appreciate the platt with pipelines included.


Hello Clint,

Can you tell me what the black lines with a house symbol represents running in section 29 only , running through sections 28,33 and 40. With one black line going S. through section 41 and 44.

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Those are Horizontal wells. Well API 10932772 is a gas well that was drilled in 2006. Link to drilling permit for well # 32272. No completion report found:


The other horizontal well API 10932-743 has been submitted for approval by RR Commission. Link to submitted drilling permit for well # 32743:


GIS Map of Culberson County Block 45/Sections 28-33-40 and surrounding area:

Clint Liles