Drilling in Canadian County

my previous post was without the sect 13 and sect. 8 in Canadian County OK. sorry

How about if you use the standard form. 1-10N-1W.
Since your posts were disconnected from each there, I can’t figure out which ones you are asking about. 8-11N-??W, 13-11N-??W

yes, thank you they are sect 8 -11N-10-W and Sect. 13-10N-5W… Thanks Again

Ok, that helps. What was your original question?

my original question was does any one know of any drilling in Canadian County Oklahoma. Thank You!

OK, now we have all the parts to the question. Answer to big one is yes, there is quite a bit of drilling all over Canadian County.

Specifically to your two areas. 8-11N-10W: Petrodyne Resources did a bit of leasing in 2017 and 2018. Cimarex took over as operator in 2017. Niles well. No new drilling at the moment.

13-10N-5W: Looks like Roan Resources has a new horizontal well pending. Multi unit with 13 & 24. You should be getting all the mailings if you are a mineral owner. If not, contact -ROAN RESOURCES, L.L.C. 14701 HERTZ QUAIL SPRINGS PARKWAY OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73134 Contact Name: EMILY P. SMITH Contact Phone: 405-272-4710 A pooling is pending, so if you just inherited and are not held by a lease, then get in touch with her quickly.

thank you! you are appreciated!

Thanks again I’ll get in touch with them