Drilling below "J" sand formations

I own mineral rights on Arapahoe County, CO property from 100 feet below “J” sand formations. (There is a gas storage lease agreement in place above). Is there anything of value that far down? Will any of the drilling companies be interested in working below “J” level with the gas storage above them. I do have legal clearance to develop these lower levels?

Susan - There maybe "something" down there, but not sure what it could be. The basement or Precambrian Rock, below which orgainic material isn't typically found is the event horizon for hyrocarbons. The J Sand to the basement is a mystery, however, most oil pros, geologists and the like always want all right to all depths. I did hear of a deep well that was drilled to the basement in Arapahoe or Adams county. The deepest log I have found was in central Weld County that Shell did a number of years ago that went below 10K feet. If you send me your exact legal, I can see if I can tell from the logs what is up.



Clint, it just aroused my curiosity about formation underneath my property. How oil & gas companies know what is in underneath & how much? I would like to know for my self what kind of formation shows up in my land. As you mentioned above “logs” will show this info? If so, where can I obtain one? What is J sand? I learned alot from experts like you in this site. I never pay attention to oil & gas till a couple of leasing companies try to lease my land. New to anything about oil & gas lease. Much to appreciated for all you expert comments helps someone like me. THANKS, S

S - if you send me your legal description I will send you a log or two and we can talk. J-sand is a formation that is one of the tartget zones for oil exploration. It is not the focus of the current play, the Niobrara which is complex discussion. There is a lot of info at the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission web site. It is one of the most valuable tools you will ever need for Colorado minerals investigation. It has all logs run for all wells ever drilled in CO. Plus its free.