Drilling and Spacing Units meaning

We have received Notice that Continental Resources has filed for “Drilling and Spacing Units” in 1-1S-6W. New to this. What does that mean?

Welcome back to the forum. Read the paperwork that was sent and it will explain what they are planning to do. The drilling & spacing paperwork is the first in a set of required paperwork before they can drill a well. First, they need to tell the commission what reservoir they are planning to drill and what the drainage area (spacing) will be. What is the number at the top? It should start with 2022.

If approved, the next steps are permission to drill a well and then the location of the well, then a permit.

Thank you for the response. The CAUSE CD NO is 2022-005078. The property was inherited by my wife over 60 years ago. Not much has happened with it until now, so it comes as a surprise to say the least. If everything meets approval, what is the usual time for things to start happening? How long before we would see any money, if they find what they are looking for? Difficult questions, I know, but any insight would be appreciated.

You can follow the cases on the OCC website: Electronic Case Filing Pick the Case document search option if you have the case numbers. You can also just wait for the mailings, but I like to keep up to date digitally.

This first case is for spacing for the Mississippian, Woodford and Hunton common sources of supply (reservoirs). It is the first case that must be heard. There is a “relatively” new play that Continental is working in this area. Horizontal wells in the Woodford. They have to space the possible reservoirs above and below it in case the wellbore accidentally goes high or low.

Hard to give an exact timeline, but may take a few months to a year to get all of the cases heard. Then about another year from the time the well is spud to when you get paid. Depends upon the operator’s rig schedule and their priorities.

Thank you! I appreciate your responses.

I am seeking the definition of “RO MR” as it relates to Oklahoma Corporation Commission findings. Court Docket #CD2022-00578 on 1/24/23 lists it as the disposition. Can anyone explain it to me?

RO = Record Opened MR = Merits Recommended.

Thank you. I gather not much happened.

Merits Recommended usually means they are favorably inclined to issue an order. Keep checking until you see it. Can take from a few days to a few weeks depending upon the complexity.

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