Drilling and confidential status

My family recently found out that they are drilling on our land, we were given a well name and when we looked it up it showed that it was in confidential status... My understanding is that we should find out more information by May. Is there any way to find out if there is any oil there? How long into the drilling process do they identify whether or not there is oil there? Can anyone advise us as what to do next (aside from the obvious wait and see)?

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In North Dakota, the operator of a "confidential well" does not have to reveal production figures until 6 mos. after the well begins actual production. I don't believe you will be able to find out any reliable information on the well until the unit goes off the confidential list. You didn't indicate where the well is located but in North Dakota, the ND Industrial Commisssion will post the release date on their website.

I just saw the same thing on the 'confidential drilling list". Aren’t the drillers obligated to let you know when they start drilling? Should I expect them to contact me once the 6 months are up? THanks for any advice.


You can contact the North Dakota Industrial Commission at (701) 328-8020 and get your questions resolved regarding "confidential" wells. They have been very helpful in answering my questions.