Drilling Agreements

I am looking for any surface use agreements, production sharing/allocation agreements or pooling agreements that anyone may have received from an operator. If you have received such agreements, please advise

A good place for a good example is the University of Texas oil and gas documents. They have some very good attorneys working for them.

Do you have a link to a website?

http://www.utlands.utsystem.edu/OilGas Not sure of all the items they have, but I do see a Lease Form 48 there. They also have the Rates & Damage Schedule which are good comparisons for surface usage.

No I don’t have a link to the website .

You can find recorded documents in the county deed records to see the variety of terms. You will learn a lot by researching.

I am researching. That is why I asked on this forum if anyone has signed any of these agreements. I already had the UT PSA. I think it is lacking in protections for the mineral owner. I could not find a surface use agreement on the UT website. Their schedule for damages is good but you also need an agreement for additional protections. As for searching the county records, most companies file memorandums so you don’t know the full details. The agreements furnished by Operators are drafted by them for their protection As mineral owners, we need to share information on what the Operators will and will not accept to enhance our leverage.

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The TCU Energy Institute is offering a one day seminar on this topic next week. It will be held in Ft Worth. Contact them for details. It’s pretty pricey but the instructor is very well qualified and you’ll get your money’s worth. NARO is another good organization for mineral/surface owners to know about. I think it is unlikely that you will get comprehensive feedback for free from this forum.

I have attended the TCU Energy Institute classes. They are excellent. They have a three day intro set of classes,( attended three times, once alone, once with a cousin and once with a son, then talked my brother into going), a three day advanced, one day oil and gas energy future overview so you understand what is under your deeds, one day financial planning and a new one -Surface Owners: Opportunities & Issues. I remember getting a surface use agreement example from them, but it was six years ago and would be out of date now. I am not affiliated with them, but got the email a few days ago. Here is the link for the class Oct 12, in Ft. Worth.

We have actually added an amendment to a lease with wording as to instructions ref gates, taking care of our livestock (watching their speed) different things like that. The company was very flexible and had no issues with us adding such.

I don’t have any link - so sorry. I’m trying to get info about two Division Orders I received this month. Hughes County Shields unit W/2 W/2 of Section 31 and Section 42, Boock 32, T-2-N, T&P RR CO. Survey, Howard County, Texas API 42-227-39704 Shields 3114LS & E/2 W/2 of Section 31 and Section 42, Block 32, T-2-N T&P RR CO SURVEY, Howard County, Texas API: 42-227-39705 Dave I feel like Ellie May Clampett - as I don’t know what’s happening. We didn’t get a check last month and wonder if these 2 new Wells have affected the production of our existing wells.

So sorry to bother you or waste your time, but a simple bit of knowledge would help me so much. Thanks Diane Williford Addison

Someone with local knowledge can help you. If they are frac’ing wells within a mile of you, they often shut in existing wells to protect them. Also, check your division order minimum amount. Most of them say $100. So if your royalties are less than $100, they will let them build up to that amount and then send a check. I change my Division Orders to be $25, so that I can get more regular checks.

We still have not received any division orders yet it’s been over a year ago I got a email saying we should get a division order within 90 days and that was last year and we still not have not received a division order

Contact the operator by certified Return Receipt mail (so you have documentation) and ask for it again.