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I’m interested if anyone could find out if there has been any activity in section 45 block 32T in howard county tx, thanks in advance


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Hey Russell, Howard County Section 45/Block 32 T??
Is your Township, T1N, T1S, T2N or T3N?

Clint Liles


Hi Clint…
That graphic you posted is right where our minerals are located. In 45 and down to the left is 5 where we have even more minerals. but our luck… nothing drilled.
thanks for posting. Midway road runs right through it. jack


Russell I don’t see any activity in Section 45 but SM Energy is/has been busy developing the area around you…just try to be patient. Next door to the East are 3 producing wells drilled by S M Energy and they are doing really well. The production from these 3 wells(API 227- 38852, 864,865) are commingled into Lease # 49071.
This link is to production data from those 3 wells: http://webapps2.rrc.texas.gov/EWA/specificLeaseQueryAction.do?tab=init&viewType=prodAndTotalDisp&methodToCall=fromGisViewer&pdqSearchArgs.paramValue=|2=06|3=2017|4=05|5=2018|103=49071|6=O|102=08|8=specificlease|204=district|9=dispdetails|10=0 S M Energy has wells to the North and N/W of you and they are very good wells. GIS Map of Howard County Section 45/Block 32 T1N/A-150:

CLICK ON MAP TO ENLARGE Clint Liles 3toy@suddenlink.net


Jack and Willard…You all have my email address…If I can help just let me know by email…
Clint Liles


I should have asked what was moved to the appropriate category. this site is not as simple as it was. there was a time you could start the web page and find everything. pretty confusing now. but I suppose we’ll get used to it.


Agree! I quit going to it because I cannot figure it out.


Russell - no activity in that section currently but good wells in your area.


same here, totally useless…

easier to go on TRRC to find out what’s happening.



thanks Mr. Clint… you’ve always been very helpful.


I agree, I hate this new format, not very user friendly.


I am getting used to the new site, and it has some definite upgrades, especially the search function in the upper right. Type Howard County in and see what pops up.


Hoping someone has access to info about 2 wells that SM Energy shut-in recently. My mother’s interest is in one of the wells (1845WA) and it started producing in Feb, and first check received in June. It seemed that the well was pretty good and the production in May and June was steady. Trying t figure out why they shut it in and how long it might stay that way. Any info is greatly appreciated!