Drilling Activity

My brother and I own the mineral rights to one section 7 township 17n.

I have leased the mineral rights and wanted to find out a free source of drilling activity in the area.

Try checking the Daily Oklahoman . It gives intent to drill and wellscompleted by county. The Clinton paper and the Tulsa paper also does this.

One being drilled in sec 15 16n 13w should be almost Td of 18000 ft contintal resourses. Here they may drill sec 9 14n 13w next I have rights in 14N13w that are not leased yet. Continintal Resourses has offered 1000.00 per min acre 1/5 int for three years and i hve offer on table to sell at 3000… Looks like Avarge production in the Cana -woodford in this area is 4MMCUFT and 40 bo/day. would like to know if any body is receiveing prodution checks in the area and how many wells are producing 30 days a mo. Any info would be good. thanks