Drilling Activity


I have interest in Sections 31 township 5 south, range 7 East, in Marshall County Oklahoma. Does anyone know of any activity going on there, and is anyone familiar with the Ferrell Oil company? Thank you

Olen, According to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission website XTO Energy completed a well in that section on Dec. 19, 2011. It is in a 320 acre unit, I believe located in the north half of the 640 acre section. You mentioned in another post you own 318 mineral acres but you didn't say in which half you own.

The completed well tested at 268 bopd and 1765 mcftd. It appears to me the horizonal was drilled from west to east in the north half of the section. I don't know what the prospects for the south half of the section would be.

Okay Michael, thank you for the information. We plan to make a trip to the courthouse to get the official documents on the property. Thanks again!