Drilling Activity

I am very new to this and would like to know how one can check the drilling activity on leased acres ? Thanks Jim Blaine


If you are referring to Montana, the GIS map on the Montana Oil and Gas website will provide information in regards to drilling activity in the Montana area. If you will provide your Township/Range/Section, I will be glad to look up the information for you in regards to any activity in your area.

Thanks for your response, the Township is 11 Range58E Sections all of sec. 34 and sec.28 E1/2 NW1/4 This is in Fallon County.


Looking at the GIS map, the following was found........T11;R58E (Sec 34) has two old dry holes (P&A'D); these were old vertical wells; (Sec 28) has no activity, no wells. All activity in the area is in Sections 30 &31, multiple wells, some P&A'D, some active. Denbury Onshore LLC looks to be the main operator on these wells. Hope this info helps.