Drilling activity Reeves

any activity around Sections 12, 14 Block 51 T8S Reeves County?

There appears to be a lot of activity in section 14. see the green shaded area in image. MK

The RR Commission mapping system shows that Chevron USA has 10 approved permits for wells in Section 11 and ending in Section 14…those permits were approved in April and May 2021…but at this time I see no spud notification that drilling has begun. Permitted for 12,000’/Targeted formation is the Wolfbone(Trend Area) API numbers of these approved permits are 389-39120, 39121, 39122, 39123, 39267 ,39268, 39269, 39270, 39271 & 39192.



I have a NEMI in 678 ac., Sec. 11, Blk 55, T-10, T&P Ry, in Reeves Co., formerly leased by Apache Corp. Is this near the Chevron permitted sites and who is party to contact there? Thanks.

William, your description is a little bit different than the one shown above. Your area is BLK 55 and T-10S, A-669, but the above is BLK 51 and T-8S, A-760. A-669 is about 27 miles southwest from A-760, and is south of I-10 and A-760 is considerably north of I-10. Map of A-669 shown below:

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Thanks. No action apparently.

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