Drilling activity in this location

Clint Liles, I wrote you quite a while ago about R. B. Vest A-896, J. Archer a-36, Leon County. I am now on the Option, which runs out June, 2017. I was wondering if you have seen any drill permits or activity in this area. I haven't heard anything from US Shale Energy LLC. I have not seen their name on any of the discussions. Have you heard of this company? Thanks, Alan Wilson




at this time I don't see any activity in the area of your minerals. Next door to the East is a fairly decent producing oil/gas well(31995).


To the West approx. 2 miles are several good gas wells drilled by Encana. To the South 2 to 3 miles are 5 oil/gas wells drilled by EOG in 2013/2014. These are decent wells. Well 32132 was drilled into the Buda formation and the other 4 wells(32105/32128/32130/32131 are Eagleford wells. There is definitely production in the area of your minerals.

US Shale Energy LLC out of San Antonio was formed in 2011. Be patient and maybe EOG will start leasing in the area again soon. They are a good company to deal with in my opinion.

GIS Map of Leon County A-896/A-36:


Clint Liles

Thanks a lot, maybe Trump can do the "DRILL BABY DRILL" action for everyone. Would love to see this country become energy independent. Thanks a lot for your help, Alan