Drilling activity in sec361S3W

Hello, I own 5.6 mineral acres in Carter County Ok. Sec 36 1S 3W. A couple years ago I sold 6 acres to Echo Energy and paid them $3,000 to insure that “all” my remaining minerals would be marketable. I received an offer this year to sell the 5.6 acres I held on to. However, these people wanted another $3000 because Echo had them “tied up”! It’s extortion in my opinion but nevertheless, is there any activity going on in my section? Thank you for the help, Mike Taylor

Continental just had orders for a horizontal well called Columbus 1-36-25XHW which spud in the section directly to the east. (31-1S-2W). The survey for the well is listed but I do not see the completion report yet. The note on the side of the survey says that it was received by the OCC on 6/14/21. The operator needed the orders with the splits in each section in order to send out the division orders to get everyone into pay status is they found anything. A few more months of patience. You should have gotten the paperwork or will shortly if your name and address are filed properly in the County Courthouse and affiliated with the description of your acreage.

Thank you so much. They were supposed to drill a number of wells in a sec’s 36 and 25, both, 1S 3W. I believe it was the Amsterdam Woodford Unit development.

They placed the first well at the far eastern side of the sections, so there is plenty of room for more wells if the economics work.

Mike- I did a quick review of your interests in this section and it looks like your deed to Echo (there are 2 of them) was for all of your interest. One says 6.00 acres, the other says all right, title and interest. Echo then filed a Quiet Title and appears as though they are claiming all of your interest. Again, this was a brief look.

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