Drilling activity in Sec 14 & 23 5S-3W Carter

I leased my mineral rights in Jan 2019 to Bridgeport Resources. I received some paperwork about a proposed well awhile back but since Covid it has been pretty quiet. Anybody have any info? Thanks

89Energy did have a horizontal well planned for that section, but the case has been dismissed. Time will tell if another company will take over. Likely to be Continental as a candidate since they are in the area.

Sec 14 1s 3w & 23 are part of a breach contract AKA a OCC order.

Hi Nell- could you explain what a breach contract is? Have never heard that term. Thanks.

A review of our contract shows my Fam names were left out- excluded- from the order AKA our unit contract. .ie no Ex-(A) In the area of 14 1s 3w & 23 1s 3w. Working now to get it back. That’s a breach.

How does this affect those of us who already have wells on 14-1s-3w?

all listed platt owners- TFU. Carter Co. The unit was breached. By an empty shell unit. No Ex- A for the platt owners.

You or your family would be part of the claim I filed in CHY Bankruptcy court now. They have extended to 8.29.21 …maybe longer due to the number of claims

Nell- empty shell unit? TFU Carter County? The unit was breached? What really does that mean? I more confused now.

How long have you owned in sec. 14 ??? Our loss go back to 1962 when the units we’re pooled. We were left out via the replacement of our names. How long have you owned in the units?

My wife owns some mineral acreage in section 14 that has been held by production, we are told, since the 1950s or so. Think it’s a shallow depth with mostly gas. Citation is the operator. Hoping they will go deeper but have not heard anything. I wonder if she is entitled to back royalties? Thanks

Different section 14s are being discussed here. Need the section, township and range for your wife’s in order to comment.

Thanks for pointing that out. She is section 14-1S-3W.

14-1S-3W- Since 1947 there have been 126 producing wells. Many were old wells. Some were eventually combined into the Tatum Field Unit or Tatum Sand unit. That unit covers many more sections.

Later wells may or may not belong to the unit. A new well was drilled by Citation called the Pollack 1-14H. Your wife should check her check stub statement to see which wells she is getting paid on. She may have wells that directly tied to the unit but are in other sections or she may have newer wells that are only in Section 14.

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