Drilling activity in Howard Co TX

I’ve received interest in inherited mineral rights. Specifically in South 200 acres Sec 31, Blk 27 H&TC Ry Co Survey. Does anyone know if there is any current activity in that area?

Hi VGM, it does look like there is a fairly new shut-in horizontal well that crosses this area. The Mitchell 47-31 B Unit, API 42-227-40882 appears to have been completed in Dec. 2020, but has not yet posted any production.

Congratulations on your inheritance. Howard county Section 31/Block 27/A-31/H & TC RWY…the South 200 acres or the Southern 1/3 of the Section has a well(API 227-40882/Mitchell 47-31B Unit) running through the Eastern portion that was completed January 12, 2021 by Highpeak Energy Holdings. At this time this is a shut-in oil well. Lease #55668 …No Completion Report available at this time.

[Drilling Permit (W-1) Query](Drilling Permit (W-1) Query


GIS(Geographic Information Survey)map of Howard County Sec. 31/Block 27/A-31/H & T C RWY


Thanks very much for the information

Thanks for sending the map. It was very helpful!

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