Drilling Activity? Daniels County Montana

November 2019, does anyone know if there’s any drilling going on in Daniels County, Montana close to Scobey?



Section, township and range are more helpful…

Does anyone know if there is any drilling action in Daniels County. SE1/4 of section 27, Township 33 North Range 44 East? Shale Exploration did not renew my lease which ended in 2017

Daniels County: SE1/4 of Section 27, TS 33, North Range 44 East…

We have mineral rights that were leased from Shale but expired…anything going on in Daniels County? Thank you in advance


Nothing going on anywhere near Township 33N Range 44E. There was a dry hole drilled there back in 1986, but no activity since.


Section, Township and Range will allow me to give you an answer as to your minerals.

Do you see any upcoming activity in Roosevelt County near Culbertson?

Sandra, we have mineral rights and expired leases with Shale from same time period and same area. What have you heard recently…we have not heard anything since expiration. Judy Pitney