Drilling activity Carter Co

Does anyone know of any completed wells in sec36 1S 3W, Carter county? Please

Bear Creek #1 SWD (Salt Water Disposal) permit 3/15/21 There are quite a few old wells. Many of them were part of the Tatums South Tussy Sand Unit, so there may be royalties from the field. Part of the Sho-Vel-Tum field. Continental Resources has a horizontal well planned with 25 & 36.


Hi Fishmonger, the Columbus 01-36-25XHW well was completed in May 2021. (api 35-019-26363). There is also an older well in the SW of the section, the TR Higgins B 3C, (api 35-019-03813) that is still producing.


ok_OAP_OKC_Scanned_Docs_geos_201905620-G.pdf (7.9 MB) Here is the completion document.

Columbus production.pdf (59.4 KB) This is the production from the OTC site (so far). Division orders and checks should show up fairly soon.


Thank you so much for your help.

Hi my name is mike and I appreciate all your help. I really need to speak with someone about my mineral acres. A couple years ago I sold 6.0 mineral acres to Echo and kept 5.6 acres. Last year I got an offer from another company wanting to buy the 5.6 acres. Echo took $3000 of the money they paid me to to make sure all of the mineral rights, the ones they bought, and the ones I kept would be clear and marketable. This recent company said they would take another $3000 of my payment, if I chose to sell, for the same thing because they said Echo is claiming all my rights. I don’t understand why they would even make me an offer unless the acres were mine. I know they’re mine but I haven’t received anything in the mail for quite some time and I’m getting worried. Any help or advice you can give, I would be most gracious for. Thank you MP

If they completed the well in May should I have received anything by now? A letter, division orders, anything? Thank you again

You could check www.okcountyrecords.com and check for your name and Echo and see what deeds were filed. It is possible that you did not retain what you thought you did.

Continental drilled the well, so you need to contact them. You want the Division Order department. CONTINENTAL RESOURCES INC 3186 PO BOX 268870 20 N BROADWAY AVE OKLAHOMA CITY, OK 73126-8870

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