Drilling activity 17-2N-5W Stephens Co

Anyone know of drilling activity in 17-2N-5W since Sept 2017. My father leased his rights for 3 years in 9/17 and have not heard/received anything on activity or production since then. No new offers to lease either.

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Gulfport has been busy over the last few years along the backside of the Knox Bromide anticline. Unfortunately, sec 17 is a bit far to the west and in the deeper gas zone of the Woodford, so not much interest in drilling there at the moment.

Thanks M Barnes. The lease paperwork shows the Prospect was WP3-Jupiter. I left a message for the landman to check activity, but no response yet… I did see on the Oklahoma Mineral Registry in 17-2N-4W several 22,000’+ wells completed by Continental Resources recently. Is that the play you are referencing?

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What a difference a township makes.
2N-4W has quite a bit of horizontal drilling on the east side of the thrust for the Woodford. Newfield (Ovintiv) and Continental have quite a few wells on the side of the anticline.

On the west side, 2N-5W, Gulfport has been the major operator. 3N-5W. Continental and Warwick-Jupiter

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