Drilling a well without notice?

Just curious how a company ( Devon) can drill a well without giving any kind of notice? They started drilling yesterday and we have never received any kind of notice, in 13-17-10.

Black Mamba 13-17N-10W 1H well has a valid permit. This well is being drilled at their own risk. It does happen especially when all the legal procedures are not finished but the rig is ready or the leases are expiring. You may have gotten some spacing or location exception notices already. Devon and Newfield both have pooling applications pending.

Has your mailing address changed lately. Perhaps the address they found during their research is different. Have seen that happen in papers I have received listing people who haven't been notified.

We got the one from Newfield, just have not received anything from Devon yet,just was curious as I have never had that happen before.yes there is a lease about to expire in that section.