Drilled but uncompleted wells

I have an interest in 7 XTO DUCs that were drilled in 2019. Is there a time limit in Oklahoma for operators to complete or plug?

Interesting question that I brought up to Commissioner Murphy during a panel discussion at NARO. Some states do have a time limit. I did not get an exact answer at the time and that begs as to whether the lease is still valid. In the case of 2019 and the subsequent COVID shut down of 2020, many of my wells were not completed that were drilled in late 2019. I am starting to see some of them come online now as the frac crews are back in business. Try looking up the wells on the OK tax site and see if they are “active”. That will give you a clue as to whether they are getting some attention. Call the operator and see what their plans are. Sometimes they tell you and sometimes they won’t.

Also, if the wells were sold to another operator or the drilling operator is in bankruptcy, that is another reason for the delay. “Well in the ground is worth two in a bush” sort of idea while they figure out what the company is worth.

XTO permitted to complete 3 of the wells in one section. The pressure tested the other 4 wells in a nearby section.

Time will tell. Hopefully they will keep moving forward. Prices are good so they have incentive to get product flowing.

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