Drill Units, Well Names

I have been looking at the well map and well names in Section 33 Township 155N Range 101W in Williams County North Dakota. There are 3 permits issued for Section 33 but in looking at the well names one is BORSHEIM TRUST 33-28 #1-H which I assume means the well is for the 1280 acre drill unit consisting of Section 33 and Section 28.

The other well permits althogh located in Section 33 have the following well names: ORVILLE 4-9#1H and ORVILLE 4-9 #2-H

I am wondering if these two wells although located on the bottom edge of Section 33 may be for another drill unit consisting of Section 4 and 9 Township 154N, Range 101W which I think is another 1280 acre drill unit just south of Section 33.

Could someone please enlighten me??

The oil companies are typically drilling north/south on most Bakken wells and yes, they could be drilling into Section 4 and 9 with a pad and the actual rig, tanks, etc sitting in Section 33.

We have a well that is doing that...sitting on our mineral acres in one section and drilling under the road (section line) and producincg north from two entire sections that are not ours.

It is common also that they could put two wells on one pad, one drilling north and the other well drilling south.

Once you can view the directional legs of the well on the GIS MAP server in the NDIC site, you can tell exactly which way the pipeline is going and where the production will be coming from. I do believe you have to wait until confidential production is over to view the direction legs of the well, but I"m not positive.