Doyle Field Unit

I have been a member for quite some time and have interest in several sections in Stephens County. The relevant one now is Section 13-01N-05W which is HBP since 1936 in the Doyle Field Unit which covers tracts in several other Sections in Stephens County. Have been wondering if anyone is having any problems with lack of production or have any knowledge of this unit. Your comments would be appreciated.

Monte Custer


The Doyle Unit is pretty far gone in section 13. There is horizontal drilling all around you in 14, 23, 24, 19-1N-4W and 18-1N-4W-many wells. I see a lot of leasing in 13 late in 2017, so something is up....I would think a horizontal well would be possible in the future.

Thank you so much for your reply could you clarify the sentence that the Doyle Unit is pretty far gone in Section 13. We were told that we could not lease 63 acres because it was HBP for all depths by the Doyle Field Unit since 1936. I appreciate your comments.


You can't lease because you are held by the Unitization agreement which included all depths. The field does not have much production now from the original wells which is what I meant by "gone". However, some operators are now coming back into these old units and drilling horizontal wells which will increase the production but from new reservoirs. Pretty complicated.

Thank you so much for the explanation.