Downside to splitting up small mineral rights between family members?

It seems easy enough to split my mineral acres up between my wife and kids. I quitclaim a percentage to each of them. That way the landman has to make 4 offers instead of just one up front or wait for new 2018 contenacy law to come into play once the 75% has been met.

Is there a downside to doing this?

after a bit more research it seems like doing this via Mineral Deed is better.

Generally mineral owners have more negotiating power with larger acreage because they have some control. Lease proposals are based on the net mineral acres. So if you own all the minerals in 20 gross acres, then you own 20 net mineral acres. Each of the four assignees will receive a 1/4 minerals of 20 acres = 5 net mineral acres. If the bonus is $100, then you will get $2000 or the assignees will each get $500.